What is Carpet Browning?

couple relaxing on carpet

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not let carpet get too wet or be too wet for too long. We rarely think of water as anything but harmless when it comes to the water we use for cleaning or cooking or in our home but water on carpet is very damaging. The most common side effect of wet carpet is what we call “carpet browning”.

There are several reasons for wet carpet. A leaky roof or windows can lead to dripping that can go unnoticed and eventually lead to water damage and saturated carpet. This can also occur from faulty plumbing in your home too. We often see several cases of saturated carpet from extreme weather conditions and storms. Then there is another reason for wet carpet that is far too common and can be prevented …

At Absolutely Chem-Dry, we often receive complains from customers who recently used a different local carpet cleaning service about how brown stains are appearing and returning after the appointment. The reason for this is that the other carpet cleaning companies used too much water in their service. This is common in steam cleaning.

The process of steam cleaning carpet requires a technician to douse the carpet fibers and pad with soap and cleaning chemicals able to attract and pull dirt from under the carpet to the surface. Then the steam cleaner uses gallons and gallons of water in order to attempt to rinse all of the dirt from the carpet and the soap and chemicals too. The service is mostly successful in removing the dirt but it rarely is able to remove all of the water from the carpet.

Then what happens is the steam cleaner leaves your home and your carpet is still wet, and still wet and still wet until eventually the water rests in the carpet pad and deep in the fibers. Then through natural evaporation, the water pulls deep dirt from the pad to the surface where brown spots will then appear.

The reason the spots return even after you clean the spot or stain is because there is still water in the pad ready to evaporate and lift more dirt from the pad to the surface. The process will continue to repeat itself until the water is removed from the carpet pad. This can’t be done with a vacuum cleaner or retail products. You will need to hire another carpet cleaning company with powerful equipment able to extract the water from the carpet pad.

Absolutely Chem-Dry has the extraction equipment powerful to remove the water from the pad and deep in the carpet fibers and eliminate the carpet browning too. We use 80% less water than steam cleaning too so there is no chance of leaving behind water to repeat the damage.

You will find that your carpet is cleaner and drier after an appointment with us and because we offer a deeper, longer-lasting clean, there is less need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company as often.

You can contact us online with our form for more questions about our carpet cleaning service. You can also learn more about carpet browning from another Chem-Dry franchise: glchemdry.com